UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 6th March 2013

The 1,795th UK Lotto draw was held last night, and with a brand new midweek jackpot of £2,083,686 on offer, there were plenty of players queuing up to buy tickets in the hope of becoming the latest lotto millionaire! But did any player manage to scoop a jackpot win for the fourth time in a row? Or did the jackpot roll over for the first time since 20th February 2013? With Arthur ready to pick the numbers for the first time 16th February 2013 and set of balls four lined up, read on for the full breakdown and those all-important lotto numbers!

Latest UK National Lottery / Lotto Results for 6 March 2013

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Well, it would appear Arthur broke Merlin’s winning streak last night, as no player was able to match all six numbers to bag the jackpot. Six lucky players were able, however, to match five numbers and the Bonus Ball to come within a hairs breadth of the big prize. Instead of the jackpot, they won £106,855 each, which is still a respectable sum and a good return on the price of a lotto ticket!

279 players were able to match five numbers to win £1,436, followed closely by an impressive 14,294 ticket holders who matched four numbers to win £61.00. The remaining winners, all 261,140 of them, matched three numbers to win the set £10.00 prize. Well done to everyone who won a prize. If you’d like to view the full UK Lotto results for 6th March 2013, head across to the UK Lotto Results Page on

This leaves us with a rollover jackpot of an estimated £6,100,000 in time for the Saturday jackpot, so good luck to everyone buying a ticket for the weekend draw.

Written by Lottie McDonald

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