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The UK Lotto shocked players across the nation this weekend, as it saw the highest quantity of winners for over two years. Not only were there eight jackpot winners to match all six numbers sharing just £2,226,920, there were a massive 39 players to match five numbers and the Bonus ball – which was 13, clearly lucky for some – to scoop the secondary tier prize, which equated to £17,569. However, the sheer quantity of winners in the remaining tiers also caused surprise – read on to find out just why.

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An amazing 1,666 players matched five numbers, which meant they scooped just £257.00, followed by 64,091 players who matched four numbers to win a paltry £14.00. However, it was the Match 3 prize tier which really affected the results, with a shocking 845,945 laying claim to their set prize of £10.00. Usually, there are enough funds in the Match 3 prize tier to cover every £10.00 due to a player, but when there are more winners than expected the surplus has to be taken from the lottery jackpot. This is exactly what happened on Saturday, which is why the actual jackpot was lower than the original estimation of £4 million. You can view results for this draw and compare to other recent draws over on the UK Lotto Results Page on

As the top four prize tiers are pari-mutuel (which means that they are made up of a percentage of the prize pool) the more winners in each tier the lower the prize. So for example, if there had been just five players who succeeded in matching five numbers and the Bonus Ball on the Saturday draw, they would have received £137,038 each! The same is true with the Match Five prize, which will normally pay out several thousands of pounds to every winner.

Results like these just go to show that even a long established lottery like the UK Lotto can surprise players at times, and that even winning the jackpot is no guarantee of becoming a millionaire – just ask these eight players who will be taking home £278,365 each, instead of the £4 million the jackpot was predicted to be before the draw.

Written by Grace Mee

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