UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 9th May 2012

The first UK Lotto draw of the week took place last night and as the jackpot in this lottery has been won four times in a row many players were last night hoping that the UK Lotto top prize winning streak carried on so that they could become the next jackpot winners. This was indeed the case as the UK Lotto results for Wednesday 9th May 2012 show that an impressive five ticket holders all matched the six numbers drawn to split the jackpot meaning that each ticket took home £290,257.

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It is no surprise that there were so many ticket holders who matched the six numbers drawn in last night’s UK Lotto results to win the jackpot because all the main numbers drawn fall below 31. Therefore people who select their UK Lotto numbers based on calendar events such as birthdays or anniversaries will have been in luck last night because it isn’t often that all the main numbers could be calendar dates.

To add to the five UK Lotto jackpot winners last night there were 11 ticket holders that matched five numbers along with the Bonus Ball to each win £40,595. There were also 28,723 players that matched four numbers to win £21 and then over 420,000 players won £10 by matching three of the main numbers drawn in the UK Lotto results.

As the UK Lotto jackpot was won last night for the fifth time in a row it now means that the top prize goes back to basics again. This means Saturday’s UK Lotto jackpot is estimated at £4.2 million, but the question is will this UK Lotto top prize winning streak remain in Saturday’s draw?

Written by Lottie McDonald

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