UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 9th January 2013

The third UK Lotto draw of 2013 was held last night, and after one win and one rollover, it was anyone’s guess as to whether or not the midweek jackpot would be won. With January now in full swing and people back into their regular routines – including the routine of buying their lottery tickets – millions of UK Lotto players all over the UK will be crossing their fingers for a share of this New Year jackpot! But was there a winner?

Latest UK National Lottery / Lotto Results for 9 January 2013

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There was indeed one very lucky ticket holder to scoop the jackpot by matching all six numbers, but, even more unusually, there were no players to match five numbers and the Bonus ball. This is incredibly rare – indeed, it did not happen at all in 2012, and to find the last time there was no Match Five and the Bonus winner we have to go all the way back to 17th August 2011!

As no players were able to match the five numbers and the Bonus, this meant the usual prize for this category – which would equate to 16% of the prize pool – was added to the jackpot, giving our single lucky jackpot winner a whopping £3,012,326 instead of the estimated £2,100,000! We imagine there will be celebrations indeed in the winning household this week.

In terms of the other prizes, there were 160 players to match five numbers, which is still a very low number compared to the usual quantity of match four winners (which can be anything up to 400, in the midweek draw), and finally 249,848 to win £10 by matching three numbers. You can see the full UK Lotto Results on the Results Page on Well done to all players who took part to win a prize. This leaves us with brand new jackpot for the third time this year which is currently estimated at £4,000,000 for Saturday.

Written by Grace Mee

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