UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 8th August 2012

One UK Lotto player will be celebrating today after scooping £2.01 million on the UK Lotto last night, after correctly matching all six numbers. A further four players also netted an impressive £154,665 by matching five and the bonus ball, which are the highest individual prizes we have seen on the second prize tier for four draws now. With a total of 318,361 winners in total, read on to check the UK Lotto numbers now and see if you are a winner!

Latest UK National Lottery / Lotto Results for 8 August 2012

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In this draw, as well as the high first and second tier prizes, there were also a massive 338 ticket holders who scooped £1,143 for matching five numbers, plus 18,074 to take away a respectable £47 by matching four numbers. The remainder of the winning ticket holders took away that £10 prize.

With any luck, the majority of these players will have checked their tickets and will be en route to claiming their prize today – but this isn’t always the case. Winning ticket holders have 180 days in which to claim their prize, before the money is re-distributed back into the prize fund. This means some people don’t come forward to claim their tickets for some time – which can often be the case with large wins when players are adjusting to the fact they have won – or simply that players do not check their tickets regularly enough.

There is at any point a large number of first and secondary tier prizes which go unclaimed. For example, there is currently a £4.3 million Lotto jackpot prize won on 2nd June 2012 awaiting collection, from a ticket sold in County Down, plus a further Lotto jackpot of £3.6 million going unclaimed. This ticket was purchased in the South Lanarkshire area, so if you or one of your family members lives there and played the UK Lotto on 12th May 2012, dig your ticket out now! Lotteries can only pay out once players come forward to claim their prizes, so ticket holders, check your numbers now!

Written by Lucy Lotto

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