UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 3rd April 2013

The first UK Lotto draw of April was held last night with an estimate jackpot of £2 million on offer for the player able to correctly match all six numbers drawn. The UK Lotto jackpot has been won for the last five draws, so did last night’s draw see a sixth jackpot winner in a row? Or, like the last two midweek draws, did it even see more than one jackpot winner?

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The results show that there were in fact four jackpot winners to share the jackpot, which eventually came out a fraction over the estimate at £2,024,512. This means each player will take home £506,128, which unfortunately isn’t enough to make each winner a millionaire, but nevertheless, will still undoubtedly prove to be a life changing amount of money.

As well as the four jackpot winners, there were a further 14 players who were able to match five numbers plus the Bonus Ball, scooping £44,494 each. This is the highest number of second tier winners seen on the UK Lotto since for a month, so the numbers must have been on the player’s side last night! A further 313 players matched up five numbers to win £1,243, followed by 14,830 ticket holders who scooped £57.00 by matching four numbers. Finally, a further 258,636 players won the £10 prize by matching three numbers.

You can see the full prize breakdown plus find out more details about the draw on the UK Lotto Results page at

Well done to everyone who won a prize on the UK Lotto last night, and players are advised that the weekend jackpot for Saturday night will be an estimated £3.8 million.

Written by Grace Mee

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