UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 30th May 2012

Last night the final UK Lotto draw of this month took place and after the triple rollover jackpot was won by four ticket holders who matched the numbers drawn to split the £13 million jackpot on Saturday night many players were hoping to strike lucky and land themselves with the top prize in this mid-week UK Lotto draw. This was the case as the UK Lotto results for Wednesday 30th May 2012 show that four ticket holders matched the numbers drawn to split the jackpot meaning that each ticket took home £563,449.

Latest UK National Lottery / Lotto Results for 9 June 2012

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To add to the jackpot winners in this mid-week draw there were ten UK Lotto ticket holders that won the second tier UK Lotto prize which came out at £69,347 last night. To add to that £57 was won by 16,460 players who matched four numbers and then over 270,000 players won the only guaranteed UK Lotto prize which is always worth £10 by matching three numbers.

Some of the UK Lotto numbers drawn last night make for some interesting statistics as the number 25 made an appearance in the results and this number is amongst some of the most often drawn numbers in this lottery as it has been drawn 229 times.

The UK Lotto jackpot is now estimated at £4 million for Saturday’s draw and as this draw will be the first for June 2012 it will be interesting to see if any players will match the UK Lotto results from this draw to win the jackpot or if it will carry on rolling over.

Written by Lottie McDonald

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