UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 2nd January 2013

The UK Lotto has a lot to live up to in 2013, after 2012 saw a whopping 323 players being made millionaires, which was a 29% increase from 2011. Plus, with 12 lucky ticket holders being made a millionaire from jackpot wins in December alone – netting an average of £2,731,637 each – can January possibly keep up with this winning streak? Did the first draw of 2013 start with a jackpot winner, or will we see a rollover weekend jackpot for the first Saturday draw?

Latest UK National Lottery / Lotto Results for 2 January 2013

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Well, let’s hope this is not a sign of things to come as there was no jackpot winner on the UK Lotto last night. There were however, five winners to match five and the bonus ball to claim £121,554 and an impressive 293 players to claim £1,296 by matching five numbers. 16,578 players matched four numbers to win £50.00, and finally, 302,263 players were able to win £10 by matching three numbers. For the full results breakdown see the Results Page on

The jackpot for last night’s draw also came in a little under estimate at £1,975,253 rather than the predicted £2,100,000, but with the big 25 Christmas and New Year’s Millionaire Raffle prizes to play for on the Euromillions over the festive period (avaliable to view on the Results Page on it was always likely that this week would see a slightly reduced player number.

However, the positive side to this means only one thing – a rollover jackpot for the draw on Saturday! There is an estimated £6,100,000 jackpot on offer on Saturday 5th January 2013 which is certainly a jackpot worth playing for. So players, don’t forget your dream ticket for this weekend’s draw, and let’s see the first weekend jackpot of 2013 have a multi million pound winner!

Written by Grace Mee

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