UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 29th February 2012

The midweek draw for the UK National Lottery boasted an estimated jackpot of £6.8 million but when the UK Lotto results for Wednesday 29th February 2012 where drawn and the ticket sales tallied up, the jackpot actually came in at just over £7 million. Two lucky winners matched the six main balls from last night’s UK National Lottery results to take home just over £3.5 million each, a nice start to the new month for these two lucky ticket holders.

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Lancelot and ball set three produce the winning numbers for the two winners who shared the jackpot but alongside the top prize there were a further 268,153 tickets that each won a prize. Of this number 255,998 won the lowest prize of £10 by matching three main numbers.

Of the numbers that appeared in the UK Lotto results for Wednesday 29th February 2012 there were two from the least often picked numbers; 41 came out for the 180th time and 13 appeared for the 181st time. 46 and 49 are actually the third most common pair to appear together have been drawn 36 times as a pair.

With a winner being found in the UK Lotto results for Wednesday 29th February the estimated jackpot for Saturday isn’t quite as impressive as that offered in last night’s game, just £4.2 million. However whilst it might be nearly half of the jackpot from last night, would you be complaining if you were to be a winner of the UK Lotto this Saturday evening?

Written by Lucy Lotto

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