UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Last night the first UK Lotto draw of the week took place and as there have been UK Lotto jackpot winners in the past five draws many players were crossing their fingers and hoping for a top prize win. This was in fact the case as the UK Lotto results for Wednesday 23rd January 2013 show that again the jackpot was won in this draw this time by three ticket holders who matched the six numbers drawn to split the £2.1 million jackpot which meant that each winner took home £706,124.

Latest UK National Lottery / Lotto Results for 23 January 2013

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In addition to the jackpot winners there were over 275,000 players that won a prize in last night’s draw. There were five ticket holders that matched five numbers plus the Bonus Ball to scoop the second tier prize which last night was worth £130,361. There were over 259,000 players that matched three numbers to win the smallest UK Lotto prize which is currently worth a guaranteed £10. To see a full prize breakdown from last night’s UK Lotto draw visit

The UK Lotto jackpot has now been won a total of six times in a row. This means that every draw the UK Lotto has had this year (bar the first draw which took place on the 2nd January 2013) the jackpot has been won. This means that there is now a UK Lotto jackpot winning streak happening so it will be interesting to see whether this winning streak will carry on in Saturday’s draw.

The UK Lotto jackpot on offer to win on Saturday night is estimated £4 million so if you fancy wining the seventh UK Lotto jackpot in a row make sure you have your tickets ready because you never know it could be you.

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Written by Grace Mee

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