UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 21st November 2012

The UK Lotto held its 1,765th draw last night, and after the weekend jackpot of £4.1 million was scooped by two ticket holders, the midweek jackpot was a brand new £2,088,780. This jackpot incidentally, was the lowest seen on the UK Lotto so far this month, but with one potential winning player still being in with a chance of becoming a multi-millionaire upon winning it what we want to know is – was there any winner (or winners) to claim it?

Latest UK National Lottery / Lotto Results for 21 November 2012

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There was no top tier winner found on the UK Lotto in this draw, which means the anticipated jackpot for the weekend draw on Saturday 24th November 2012 is a much more impressive £6.3 million. However, despite there being no jackpot winner, players are still advised to check their numbers, as a whopping 15 ticket holders succeeded in matching five numbers and the Bonus Ball to win the secondary tier prize of £42,846. A further 376 players netted £1,068 by matching five numbers, cash which will certainly help with the Christmas shopping! 17,745 ticket holders won £49 by matching four numbers, and finally a massive 301,063 players won £10 by matching three numbers. Head over to the Results Page on for full draw details.

Of course, this weekend marks exactly a month until Christmas, and thoughts naturally are turning to turkey, presents and of course – money, with the last payday before Christmas for many people in sight. So players may want to take a look at what their favourite lotteries have in store for them this festive season, by heading over to our Christmas Lottery page on With ticket sales for some Christmas season draws now open, why not pre-buy your Christmas lottery tickets and tick that off your To Do list before December even starts?

Written by Grace Mee

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