UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 17th October 2012

The midweek UK Lotto draw took place last night, with a brand new jackpot of £1.95 million, after the previous double rollover jackpot was won on Saturday 13th October 2012. Last night’s jackpot was a little lower than the estimation, but even so, offers a prize which would be enough to make one lucky ticket holder’s week! There were a total of 349,577 prizes – but were you one of them? And was that jackpot won? Let’s take a look.

Latest UK National Lottery / Lotto Results for 17 October 2012

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There was one lucky player who was able to match all six numbers, which means there will be a brand new jackpot for the weekend draw, giving Saturday’s Lotto an estimated jackpot of £4 million. Ten lucky players were able to match five numbers and the Bonus ball, walking home with an impressive £60,091 each. A further 376 players must have been kicking themselves, matching as they did, five numbers – just one away from the jackpot – although they still scoop just under £1000 each. 19,881 players matched four numbers to win £41, and the remaining 329,309 matched three numbers to win that bottom tier prize of £10.See the Results Page at for full details.

In terms of the draw machines and balls statistics, so far this month Lancelot has been chosen for every draw with the exception of that on Wednesday 10th October 2012, when Guinevere was picked. This Wednesday is the only draw in which it did not see a jackpot winner too, clearly breaking its lucky streak this week! Set of balls number 8 have also been used three times so far this month, and this is the second rollover they have seen in that time.

So this leaves players with an estimated £4 million jackpot for the upcoming weekend draw, but as we know, estimations can go up or down depending on ticket sales, so we could potentially see an even bigger jackpot by the weekend! So players, don’t forget to buy your tickets in plenty of time for the draw on Saturday, and good luck!

Written by Lottie McDonald

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