UK Lotto Results For Wednesday 15th August 2012

The UK Lotto draw last night, Wednesday 15th August 2012 saw the jackpot being won for the ninth time in a row, this time by one lucky ticket holder. The jackpot winner bagged a cool £2,605,567 after correctly matching all six numbers. Six further winners matched five and the Bonus Ball to match £133,618, an impressive second tier prize. This successfully draw follows on from the previous eight games which have also seen jackpot winners and numerous secondary tier winners, so one thing is for sure – the UK Lotto is certainly one to play for a pay-out at the moment, so if you have a ticket, check the UK Lotto numbers now!

Latest UK National Lottery / Lotto Results for 22 August 2012

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Lancelot was used for last night’s draw for the second Wednesday draw in a row, along with set of balls one, which made its first appearance in the UK Lotto this month. In total there was an impressive 203,227 ticket holders who managed to match from three numbers to win a prize, with 123 of those matching four numbers to win £4,073, 9,297 players matching four to won £118 and the remainder winning £10 by matching three numbers. Well done to all.

Of course, it’s all very well and good matching the numbers up on your ticket. But players must ensure once they have matched the numbers they put in their claim to their prize within 180 days. Hundreds of unclaimed lottery prizes are still awaiting collection, such as the Lotto jackpot from 2nd June 2012, which totals a massive £4.3 million. There are also three match five and Bonus ball prizes from the same draw still uncollected! The draw on 28th July 2012 yielded a whopping 20 ticket holders to match five and the Bonus, each winning £55,153. Two of the three unclaimed tickets were purchased in South Shropshire and the last one in Swale in South Kent.

So if you or a family member or friend played the lottery at all in the past six months, dig out your tickets now and double check to see if you have an outstanding prize, as the winner could have been you!

Written by Lucy Lotto

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