UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 11th July 2012

Last night saw the first UK Lotto draw for this week take place and after the jackpot has been won three times in a row many players were hoping to match the six numbers drawn to scoop the top prize on offer. However, the UK Lotto results for Wednesday 11th July 2012 show that no players were able to match the numbers, therefore the top prize rolls over for the first time this month to Saturday’s draw. Despite that there were over 290,000 players that won a UK Lotto prize, but were you one of them?

Latest UK National Lottery / Lotto Results for 14 July 2012

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Although there were no jackpot winners, there was however one lucky winner who matched five numbers and the bonus ball, scooping a cool £673,406. Just 245 players matched five balls, compared to 429 the previous week, who netted a respectable £1,717 each.

Statistics fans may be interested to know that the machine used was Guinevere, which has coincidentally been the machine used in the last three rollover scenarios. The set of balls number 1 was used, which is the first time in eight weeks they have made an appearance.

Of the winning numbers, the only one of note was 38, which is now officially the most commonly occurring UK Lotto number, having occurred now 239 times, according to statistics. Of the remaining numbers, 12, 19 and 29 have occurred 206, 207 and 208 times respectively, whilst 28 and 49 have each appeared slightly more frequently, at 212 and 214 times. Number 30 made its 5th appearance as the bonus and its 226th appearance overall.

So, with the jackpot rolling over to Saturday’s draw now expected to reach an impressive £6.4 million, it is likely that ticket sales will be high with players all jostling to be within a chance of getting a slice of that jackpot pie.

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Written by Grace Mee

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