UK Lotto Results for 22nd February 2012

The midweek UK Lotto draw didn’t boast quite as an impressive jackpot as some of the other lotteries around the world but would any of you really be disappointed to wake this morning and find yourself £775,426 richer? That’s what three ticket holders won after the UK Lotto results for 22nd February 2012 by matching the six main numbers. Although quite a substantial amount of money to win, there must be a sense of disappointment amongst the three winners at not becoming overnight millionaires.

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The second prize tier winners in the UK Lotto game last night only won a third of what the jackpot winners took home for matching five plus the bonus bonus; £238,592 for each of the three winners. However when you compare that to last week’s midweek UK Lotto results, the difference in the top two prize levels were substantially higher. Two winners shared that jackpot and took home just over £1.1 million whilst there were eight winners in the second prize tier who netted just £90,778 each. In total there were 287,659 winners in the UK Lotto game last night, each winning a minimum of a £10 cash prize.

From the UK Lotto results for 22nd February 2012 we saw one of the most common drawn numbers appear; the number 43 is the third most common drawn number and last night it was a main ball for the 228th time.

With no rollover in last night’s UK Lotto game the next jackpot for Saturday 25th February 2012 stands at an estimated £4.2 million.

Written by Nicola Barber

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