OZ Lotto Jackpot Hits AUD $70 Million

Last night the OZ Lotto has its first draw of the week and with a jackpot of AUD $50 million on offer to win many players were hoping to win the top prize. However, this wasn’t the case as the OZ Lotto results from this draw show that no ticket holders matched the seven numbers drawn. This now means that the OZ Lotto jackpot rolls over again for the eighth time in a row and it is estimated at AUD $70 million for the next draw that will take place on Tuesday 8th May.

The last time the OZ Lotto jackpot was won was almost two months ago on the 6th March 2012. In this draw one ticket matched the numbers drawn in the OZ Lotto results which were 5, 7, 15, 21, 29, 32 and 41 to win the top prize that was worth AUS $5 million.

Since then the OZ Lotto jackpot hasn’t been won, however we will have to wait and see if whether that will change in the next draw or if the top prize in this Australian Lottery will carry on rolling over. If this top prize does remain elusive you never know we could see a new record being set for the largest OZ Lotto jackpot ever won. Currently the record stands at AUD $106.5 million which was won in June 2009 by two ticket holders.

If you fancy winning this top prize make sure you have your tickets ready because you never know, you could end up matching the OZ Lotto results to win the AUD $70 million jackpot.

Written by Lottie McDonald

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